Can we look good without any toxin?

I came across an Instagram image of a celebrity in which, she was flaunting her make-up. Wow, she was so beautiful and it was so nicely done that I looked up the products she used. At that time, I hadn’t heard about the brand that she had tagged or its products. Out of curiosity, I dug out more about the brand and what’s special about it. The brand specified that it was tested cruelty-free. That’s the first bonus for me. The description and ingredients said it was completely organic, food grade and chemical free. It also highlighted that it is free from lead, petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, sulphates, etc.

As soon as I read that, I had an obvious question. Alright, so what do the cosmetics that I currently use contain? The make-up products that I use aren’t any cheaper as I had shelled out a lot of money in buying them. These products which are a part of my skin, the ones which I consume unknowingly (hey, don’t tell me you don’t taste your lipsticks:) ) contain many harmful chemicals which are not supposed to be present. I confirmed it by checking their contents online.2017-06-23_17h23_50

So what can we do?

It is very easy to get deceived by the advertisements and the celebrities who endorse and make the brands famous. But let us be more careful.

  • As much as we give importance and check if the product is smudge free, long lasting, looks good on skin, etc., let us give importance to  understand the ingredients and what the ingredients mean. What is costly, may not always be good. What is cheap, is not always bad.
  • Check if the brand/product is in the red list or banned in any country.
  • Before buying, check the ingredients online in their website. Not all shops/ online portals provide complete information of the product.
  • For all the love for innocent animals, try to buy animal cruelty-free products.
  • This is applicable for make-up products and daily use items like shampoos, soaps etc.


There is no product which is fully safe and chemical-free. But lesser, the better. Being native to a place, which was once known for natural and organic way of living, it is highly disappointing to see, how far we have traveled in the wrong direction. It might be too much for me to ask the women to go back to basics of using turmeric, gram flour on face and coconut oil for lips.  But let us learn to be comfortable with our natural make-up free look as much as possible. Pick wisely, especially the range of cosmetics which helps us to transform “beautifully” into someone else. How worthy is beauty at the expense of your health? Let us stay informed and stay healthy!

I would like to add on that I don’t have any tested information on the right brands to choose. But from my initial reads, if what they claim is true – 100% pure, RMS, Zuii Organics, Bite beauty sound better. Looking for more brands.

If you have suggestions, especially for Indian brands, feel free to comment and educate all readers.


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