Bubye 2017..

Dear 2017,

You began with a bang on a very HIGH note. As you came into my life in a posh and lavish party, I was on cloud nine, very excited. In –line with the expectations, then, you were the year which gave me the opportunity to travel to some of my dream destinations and countries. Glad that I could also explore many of my interests and know how it feels to invest time in hobbies. You have been the year in which I strictly stood by “No Shit” and stayed away from negative vibes and back-stabbers (these two being the heaviest burdens that I had ever carried for long) . You have definitely made me decisive, but contrast to the expectation that you had set initially, you were the year in which I could not follow my heart completely. The year in which I did not take any risk and never got the experience. I have spent almost the whole year trying to figure out what I want to do in life with no clarity on it yet. Despite my hard work, what an unrewarding year has it been?! I don’t want to harp further about it.

I am sorry to say this, but Goodbye 2017…

Hi 2018!

Welcome welcome. Improvement is never a step, it is always a slope. Looking back at the slip-ups, you better learn from 2017. I wish you are better and that year which I have been waiting for. I wish you give me a healthier lifestyle, and also wish I can follow my heart. I wish you are the year of positivism and clarity. Be the year of prosperity, good health and peace of mind for all.

The Ball is in your court. Wait! Who am I kidding? Shouldn’t the reforms come from me? God willing and the creek don’t rise. I wish myself and all other homo sapiens, A Happy New Year 2018! Forever grateful to God and forever grateful to life 🙂


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